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What are the verification tiers?

ATAIX uses a two-tier verification process for security. To upgrade your account, go into the “Verification” section in your profile and go through the steps for the tiers accordingly. Here is the breakdown of the tiers:

Tier 0 - Tier 0 is the default tier that is achieved after you sign up and verify your email. It allows for unlimited depositing and trading. The verification for Tier 0 is instant.

Tier 1 -Tier 1 verification gives you full access to all account features, including unlimited withdrawal. Tier 1 approval requires verification of your phone number, a government-issued ID, and selfie of yourself holding both the ID you submitted and a paper with the words "ATAIX KYC" and the current date on it. While phone number verification takes mere moments (via security code sent by SMS), please note that your documents will take up to 2 working days to be verified by the ATAIX team.

We recommend getting tier 1 verified and enabling 2 factor authentication in order to not only get access to all features, but to ensure maximum security.

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